MEDOX® is a high-quality product developed and manufactured in Norway by the research-based company Medpalett AS, located in Sandnes, Rogaland. Medpalett has pioneered a cutting-edge process to preserve the anthocyanins found in wild blueberries and blackberries. This approach ensures optimal absorption of these health-promoting molecules and maximizes their effectiveness in the body. Anthocyanins are potent antioxidants responsible for the vibrant blue, purple, and red hues in berries.product selection relies on proper comparison, considering factors like omega-3 concentration, omega-3 amount per recommended daily dose, and additional ingredients.

Our production adheres to the standards set by the Norwegian Food Safety Authority. We implement rigorous quality controls on raw materials throughout the entire manufacturing process to ensure that MEDOX® meets our high quality standards. These quality checks are conducted by qualified professionals in our laboratories, a critical step in maintaining the excellence we strive for.

Since 2000, we’ve provided anthocyanins to tens of thousands of health-conscious Norwegians. From the beginning, our goal has been both ambitious and straightforward: to contribute to better public health. We achieve this by combining quality ingredients with scientific innovation.

The fact that the MEDOX® brand has been on the market for over 23 years underscores our dedication and commitment to improving public health.

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